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Java Cave Fauna Exploration 2007

April 30, 2007

March 24th – April 20th, 2007

The Speleo-Xenia



  1. Cahyo Rahmadi
  2. Sigit Wiantoro
  3. Nanang Supriyatna
  4. Rahmad
  5. Pungki Lupiyaningdyah – Trichopterist
  6. Hari Nugroho – Earthworm Specialist
  7. Conni Sidabalok – Carsinologist
  8. Fitria Rinawati – Observer

Media : METRO TV

  1. Sarwoko (Camera Person)
  2. Yudhi Mahendra (Reporter)
  3. Arga
  4. Hari (Assistant Cameramen)


During the trip to Banten and Sukabumi, we succeded to get the ecological data of the cave arthropods communities. The cave of Gua Lalay in Sawarna
Village was choosed as a cave for ecological studies. The cave was situated on the foot of limestone hills.

Special thanks to:

  1. Pak Jali and family (Sawarna) for the hospitality during the stay in Sawarna
  2. Pak Rahmad (Sawarna) for the guidance during the exploration in Sawarna
  3. Pak Kakay (Buniayu) for the arrangement of the accomodation in Buniayu
  4. Iwan, Ucok and the guides in Buniayu Caves for their professionality during the trips
  5. Pak Ujang for the safely drives the cars from Banten to Sukabumi



  1. Cahyo Rahmadi
  2. Sigit Wiantoro
  3. Abe (Acintyacunyata Speleological Club –Yogyakarta)
  4. Kunto (Matalabiogama –Yogyakarta)
  5. Anang (Matalabiogama –Yogyakarta)
  6. Edi Toyibi (HIKESPI/CAGAR – Tuban)
  7. Yogi (HIKESPI/Mapala ITATS –Surabaya)
  8. Nafik (MAHIPAL – Tuban)


  1. Yudi – Koresponden RCTI Tuban
  2. Firin – Harian Surya
  3. Heri – TVRI
  4. Masduki – Republika
  5. Dwi Listyanto – Radar Bojonegoro

The Passage of Gua Urang


The trip to Purbalingga to find the Lava Tube in Java “Gua Lawa” is failed to find the first guanobiont in Java, Arixenia jacobsoni (Dermaptera). Gua Lawa is the type locality for this species.The trip continued to Grobogan in “The mountain of Kendeng Utara”. The exciting place to stay with a million of mosquitos. The trip is success to get the first specimens of Stygophrynus that might be new to science. ALso the findings of the “cave prawns” Macrobrachium from Gua Urang is also remarkable.An extremely flat karstic area was found in Tuban, the karst is stretching from northern coast to Southern hill. A hundred of caves were known. But, We only explored about nine caves, mostly occupied with a million on bats. There were several remarks on Tuban caves fauna, the discovery of Stygophrynus in eastern most of Java, might be a next species for Java. The Stygophrynus and Charon (Amblypygi) were known for the first time live in the same cave. The bats are much more important to notes. A million of bats are occupied in the caves surveyed.

A million of Rousettus in Ngerong Cave

Special thanks to:

1. Pak Bambang and family (Kemadohbatur) for the hospitality during the trip in Grobogan

2. Pak Sukaton (Tuban) for his kindness to do research in Gua Akbar

3. Mas Agus (SSKSDA Bojonegoro) for his patient during survey in Montong.

4. Yudhi for the driving with his Speleo-Xenia

* the images of The speleo-Xenia, Interview and The People of Tuban are taken by Abe

Interview after the abseiling the rope in Gua Lowo Kemandang just near Gresik Cement Factory The underground river of Gua Urang


The people of Tuban, a son of Ronggolawe

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  1. mahapalaunnes permalink
    May 14, 2008 2:20 pm

    Salam Lestari! artikel anda menarik sekali..
    kalo ada kegiatan lagi, boleh dong ikutan nimbrung..
    sekalian menimba ilmu gitu bos,,,
    salam kenal dari MAHAPALA UNNES

  2. psikoma permalink
    July 1, 2009 11:20 pm

    kalo da yang mau carving di gua2 desa kemadohbatur kec tawangharjo grobogan
    bisa menghubungi saya tekun
    saya orang situ.
    saya bersedia membantu anda.
    terima kasih.

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