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Sangkulirang Karst Expedition 2004

May 8, 2007

The landscape

The extreme landscape of tower karst in Sangkulirang. The place for a million of cave species and might be new to science (Foto: C. Rahmadi)

In August 2004, the big biological expedition in Sangkulirang Karst was done in cooperation between The Nature Conservancy and Research Center for Biology LIPI and other overseas museum (MNHN etc.). Many of cave specimens were collected during the expedition and most of them are new to science.

An extreme landscape make the expedition is very difficult and hard, the transporatation was supported by Helico and also boat to cruise the river. By walk, it takes more than two days to reach the cave, that we had to climb and accross the rivers.

The helicos

The helico, the most expensive transportation during expedition (Foto. M. Rofik)


The cave Stylocellus sp., the found very abundant in Tengkorak cave crawling in the mud floor. They are known as the biggest Cyphos known so far (Foto. C. Rahmadi)

The static pools in Gua Sungai.

Dr. Yayuk, observing the static pool in Gua Sungai (Foto. C. Rahmadi)

Thanks to:

1. Scott Stanley, The Nature Conservancy for the opportunities to visit the area

2. RC Biology for their support permit to explore the caves.

3. Nardiyono for his assistant during the trip

4. Louis and Anne for their knowledge

4. Leo Salas, for his leadership

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  1. enny permalink
    May 9, 2007 1:51 am

    Ngiri, aku belum pernah numpak choppers..
    Eh, itu bu Yayuk? Ketok koyo si Upiel seko samping :D

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