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The heart of mine

May 8, 2007

all family members

Matalabiogama, the place for stay, talk and listen (Foto. Adi M/Matalabiogama)


The family, my life was started from here (Foto. Adi M/Matalabiogama)

matala banget

See this, all of this mans and womans, recently, are worldwide and they bring the courage to be a part of the family (Foto. Adi M/Matalabiogama)

Credits: the pictures are memorable, unfortunately I dont remember who is the photographer. Anybody knows about him/her please let me know.

Maybe Mas Adi M, but if anybody knows who is he… please let me know!! 

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  1. iyex-191 permalink
    May 8, 2007 10:43 am

    Looked that we’re nobody…
    but we believe that we will be somebody…
    from the start to create who we are…

    never crack under pressure

    vivat et floreat

  2. enny permalink
    May 9, 2007 1:49 am

    When it hurts then you know that it’s love. It’s been years gone, but it still hurts. Want to leave it all behind, but can’t help thinking of you all, and… the memories and the hate and the laughters and the tears…
    Boy, as I took another careful look at those pictures.. couldn’t hold the smile on my face when my eyes laid on Ucup :D
    Ucup.. ucup, kakakakakaka… Take care all..

    Vivat et Floreat!

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