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The mans and nature: A window to heaven of Raja Ampat, Papua

June 16, 2007


Waigeo, 27 May – 16 June 2007

the sunset in Teluk Manyailibit

The sunset in the entrance of TELUK MANYAILIBIT (Foto: C. Rahmadi)

The childreen of teluk manyailibit (Foto: C. Rahmadi)
The child catch the fish in the small port in Lopintol Village (Foto: C. Rahmadi)

the traditional boat
Cruising the Teluk Manyailibit with traditional boat (Foto: C. Rahmadi)

The sea and the child (Foto: C. Rahmadi)

Teluk Manyailibit
Teluk Manyailibit, surrounded by the limestone hills (Foto. C. Rahmadi)

Nurdin Daylon, the man who knows well about the teluk (Foto: C. Rahmadi)

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