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MUNA 2007: the cave fauna

October 10, 2007


The Hymenosomatids crab from spring in Muna Island. Firstly collected at 2001 by F. Brehier and recently new specimens from new localities are discovered. Its believed to be new to science. (Doc: C. Rahmadi)


Cyathura munae Botosaneanu 2003, collected from spring in Muna. Firstly discovered in 2001 in small cave (Doc. C. Rahmadi).


1. Prof. Dr. Geoff A. Boxshall – NHM London UK : Copepods

2. Dr. Damian Jaume – IMEDEA Spain : Amphipods

3. Dr. Stefan Eberhard – Australia : Subterranean Ecology – cave diver

4. Franck Brehier – France : Cave Aquatic Biologist – Cave diver

5. Dr. Daisy Wowor – MZB, Indonesia : Macrobrachium Taxonomist

6. Cahyo Rahmadi – MZB , Indonesia : Arachnologist – Cave biologist

7. Bernat Clamor Villanova – Mallorca, SPain : Cave diver

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  1. March 25, 2014 10:51 am

    Although the terrestrial fauna of the caves is sparse, a rich aquatic fauna inhabits the pools. While many of the marine cave animals are more or less regular immigrants from open littoral habitats, a number of new species have been discovered.


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