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The mining area in Tuban Karst

November 26, 2007

Mining Area

The geological map showing the mining area in Tuban Karst. The recent mining activity was done by Semen Gresik in Temandang Village, Merakurak. The proposed site of Holcim in the district of Tambakboyo and Kerek.

The Tuban karst is being threatened by these activities. Since the proposed mining area have several bats caves, a further research for cave biodiversity is URGENTLY NEEDED.

Lost of habitat for bats is a serious problem for ecosystem equilibrium.

The Lawa Temandang Cave is the best habitat for four species of bats including Nycteris javanica, the most rare species in Java. The population of Nycteris javanica is small and threatened by lots of human activities.

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