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TUBAN : Karst, Cave and Life

November 30, 2007

The landscape

The landscape of Tuban Karst with the productive plant. (C. Rahmadi)

The inner beauty
This is the real inner beauty of Tuban Karst (C. Rahmadi)

more beauty
More beauty but more threats! (C. Rahmadi)

again .. beauty
They are really need a long time to become beautiful (C. Rahmadi)

When the gravity not works!! (C. Rahmadi)


Charon grayi, they eat their friend in their community (C. Rahmadi)


They will fly out from cave at night to eat flying insect in the darkness night. Absolutelly, they will eat a lot each night (C. Rahmadi)

bats again
Up close and personal, insectivorous bats from Gua Lawa Temandang (C. Rahmadi)

Diplopods, a lot of effort to eat all the bats guano on the cave floor (C. Rahmadi)

They live on the cave wall and eat bat guano, Gua Lowo Temandang (C. Rahmadi)

People of Tuban
waiting to back home after a full day working in the corn fields (C. Rahmadi)

Time recorder
Tuban has changed, a lot of changes, each layer has own meaning (C. Rahmadi)

and the change is ……

the shadow of uncertainty
the uncertainty in the mist, but they will come (C. Rahmadi)

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