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Family Charontidae

January 31, 2008

Charon grayi

Charon grayi eating the cave crickets (C. Rahmadi)

Taxonomic character

Family Charontidae is well recognised by well equipped pulvilli on their walking legs (Weyglodt 2000), the pedipalp tibia bears two or three long spines almost equal length and numerous smaller spines, basal row of setae on the proximal edge of cleaning organ (Harvey 2003), gonopods with soft, finger-like appendage vestige (Weygoldt 1999).

Pedipalp Spination
Pedipalp spination of Charon grayi from Gunung Sewu

Genus : Charon

The character of genus Charon is indicated by pulvilli on their walking leg and also undivided pedipalpal tarsus. The pedipalp tibia posses two long spines with almost equal length.

Pedipalp Stygophrynus
Pedipalp spination of Stygophynus dammermani from caves in Bogor

Genus : Stygophrynus

The major character of this genus is indicated by three long spine on dorsal pedipalp tibia. There are an articulation on the pedipalpal tarsus.

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