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Karst Padalarang: in the past

February 11, 2008

Padlarang- Karang Penganten

The face of padalarang in the past with the limestone hills called Karang Panganten 

Karst Padalarang in West Bandung is known as the place for marble mining. A lot of limestone hills have been dissapeared from the earth because of greedy people.

The karst landscape is already destroyed by numerous “traditional” limestone mining and a lot of handycrafts as a result of this activities soled along the road.

The padalarang Karst is the oligo-miocene carbonate deposited  and on the high altitude.

I found the old picture of Padalarang Landscape called Karang Penganten in de Tropische Natuure (1933) written by L. Van de Pijl with title ” De kalkaflora van Padalarang” de Tropische Natuur 22(1): 86-99 page: 87.

now, this hill is not possible to find in the area.

If youa have any ifnformation about KARANG PANGANTEN in PAdalarang Karst, please let me know.

Mining activites
The face of Padalarang: now 



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