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The oldest cave map known from Java

February 11, 2008

Goeha Gadjah 1919
The map of Goeha Gadjah taken from de Tropische Natuur (1919) 

The oldest cave maps known to me is found in the library of our museum. I found the cave map of Goeha Gadjah (Elephant Cave) and this cave is located o Cibinong karst and about 40 minutes from our office.

I found the map in the old book called “de Tropische Natuur” the article is written by J. Beumee (1919) with tittle Een Tocht Door Het Karang-Gebergte (de TRopische Natuur VIII(6-7): 96-98).

The map is showed the place of bird’s nest of Aerodramus spp. and also described how they reached the nest on the roof of the caves and also to reach the upper part of the cave. It is an interesting cave map and up to now the cave is still protected by Indonesian Army for the edible nest caves.

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  1. Bukit Karst permalink
    August 29, 2009 2:24 pm

    pak, nyuwun ijin, halaman ini untuk referensi tulisan-2 saya nggih.

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