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Sarax sp. (Charinidae), the small size species of Amblypygi from caves in SUkabumi

April 11, 2008

The small size species of cave whip-spider

The female of Sarax sp. from caves in SUkabumi.

Sarax sp., is a member of family Charinidae and they are distributed widely from Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Java and SUlawesi.

The species from Java is only known one species described by Gravely (1915) calls Sarax javensis.

In caves of Java the genus Sarax is distributed from Sukabumi to Gunung Sewu, Grobogan and Tuban. It is believed there are two species are present in caves of Java based on the number of spine on pedipalpal tarsus.


Class    : Arachnida

Ordo     : Amblypygi

Family  : Charinidae

Genus   : Sarax Simon, 1892

Species : Sarax sp.

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