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Relaxing your mind in caves

January 10, 2009

Some people believed that cave is one of the most unfriendly place on earth because of the darkness, humid, not easy to reach and some people believe that ghost is live in there.

A wild animals such as tiger, venomous snake, sun bear, wild dog etc are believed to live in caves. So, many people are unintend to go to cave to refresh their mind after 24 hours working and 7 days trapped in trafic jam, 12 months drowning by deadlines and nearly one year to see the uncertainty.

Some people that have  an adventure blood running on their body, cave is not a weird place but for people that have no experience to live with the addrenaline, caves are still mystery and frightening to visit.

For people who has no experience enjoying addrenalin maybe you can try to challenge your body and mind with refreshing all the mind with cave adventuring.

First step that you should know are to:

1. Get the information about caves

2. Contact people who has an experience in caves that you are find to explain about the cave and all about related topics.

3.Find the place to make a first trial if you want to try to visit caves

4. Find the information about safety and procedure to make cave adventuring.

5. Get the equipment required for caving trips suc as helmet, torse, boot, etc.

6. Find an experience people to guide you.

7. Be ready with something that unexpected

8. Be ready to get wet and muddy and offcoure smell.

9. Wear the clothes that easy to dry

10. Be ready with the weird animals such as snake, bats, spider, bird, fish etc.

11. Be ready not to disturb the cave that you will visit with leave nothing except fooprints

12. Bring your camera to take the beauty of caves and please do not take the place that bats live and hangging on the cave roof.

For your convenient cave to visit, I explained belowe and divided based on the province:

Banten Province

Banten province have a cave in Lebak on the southern part of the province. You can visit a tourist village namely SAWARNA Village.

Sawarna Village can be reach from Pelabuhan Ratu in West Java or from Rangkas Bitung.

From Pelabuhan ratu it takes about 1.5 hours by car. Public transportation is available from Pelabuhan Ratu to Bayah and you should find a car fromBayah to Sawarna Village.

A sign board to reach Sawarna Village seen from Bayah

A sign board to reach Sawarna Village seen from Bayah

The cave that you can try is Gua Lalay that have several passage and with the river inside the caves. Some local people said that there was a big snake in the cave.

The passage in Gua Lalay

The passage in Gua Lalay

A traditional house to store the rice

A traditional house to store the rice

A drying a rice in paddy field a  typical way of Bantenese culture

A drying a rice in paddy field a typical way of Bantenese culture

West Java Province

Gua Gudawang

In West Java, there are several cave for tourist such as in Bogor City you can go in Gua Gudawang in Cigudeg about 1.5 hours from Bogor city on the way to LEUWILIANG.

You have to stop on Cigudeg and go Right follow the road in the Palm oil field. There is a big sign board and you will never get lost if you follow the sign board.

Beware with TRAFFIC JAM from BOGOR CITY to Leuwiliang, there is several places as a HOTSPOT fro Traffic Jam such as JEMBATAN MERAH, GUNUNG BATU, BUBULAK Terminal, and ifront of IPB Campus DARMAGA.

Gua Gudawang is designed for tourist and there are type type of cave for regular tourist and for adventure called Gua Sipahang.

Gua Sipahang is not designed for people who dont want to get wet or dirty, this cave is good for people who want to try their addrenalin.

The cave is GOOD and SAFE on the DRY SEASON between June-September and don try to enter the caves on the Rainy Season.

Some people have died in the caves because of flood in the cave.

Gua CIkaray

If you want to try the caves near Jakarta, you can go to Citerurep in Cibinong. If you come from Jakarta via TOL JAGORAWAI just go out on the CITEUREUP EXIT and go left to reach the CITEUREUP MARKET and follow the Sign of PASIR MUKTI.

The name of the caves is GUA CIKARAY, the cave is not designe for tourist but you can try to find the infromation in LINGGIH ALAM club just near the PASIR MUKTI Outbound.

The entrance of Gua Cikaray

The entrance of Gua Cikaray

in the passage of Gua Cikaray

in the passage of Gua Cikaray

Gua Buniayu

Other caves that possible to visit is Gua Buniayu in SUkabumi. You can go from Jakarta-Bogor-Sukabumi-Nyalindung and it takes about 3-4 hours from Jakarta depend on the traffic.

On the weekend there will be many traffic jam such as in Ciawi and on the way betwen Ciawi-Sukabumi.

If you want to visit Gua Buniayu, better you plane for 2-3 days and you will enjoy the cave and also the mountainous weather with cold and fressh. The altitude of the cave is about 800 m asl. and might be a highest cave known in Java.

For detail of the information you can go here

Gua Lalay Pelabuhan Ratu

Gua Lalay in Pelabuhan Ratu is a place for a million of bats that the bats as a tourist attraction. Every 5-6 pm, the bats are coming out from the caves to find the food such as flying insect.

The caves is near from Pelabuhan Ratu City and easy to reach it take about 1,5 hours from Sukabumi City.

About the cave please go here and here

In fron of Gua Lalay Pelabuhan Ratu

In fron of Gua Lalay Pelabuhan Ratu
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  1. zenteguh permalink
    January 24, 2009 12:59 am

    always say SAVE OUR CAVE…

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