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The list of Indonesian whip spider:


  1. Sarax sarawakensis (Thorell 1888)
  2. Sarax javensis Gravely 1915
  3. Sarax sangkulirangensis Rahmadi et al. 2010
  4. Sarax yayukae Rahmadi et al. 2010
  5. Sarax cavernicola Rahmadi et al. 2010
  6. Sarax mardua Rahmadi et al. 2010
  7. Sarax monodenticulatus Rahmadi 2010
  8. Sarax willeyi Gravely 1915


Genus Stygophrynus Kraepelin 1895

  1. Stygophrynus dammermani Roewer, 1928
  2. Stygophrynus sunda Rahmadi & Harvey 2008
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